Known as the jewel of the sound, New Rochelle is the closest suburban city to Manhattan in Westchester County. New Rochelle has exceptional transit connections and a storied history of downtown commerce and culture.

Incorporated in May 6, 1853, Hempstead’s downtown was a center of social and economic activity well into the mid 20th century. Unfortunately, the Village’s former central business district experienced an economic decline starting from the 1960s, in the onset of an “urban Renewal” program.

Cooper Place Renaissance Downtowns Hempstead
Huntington Station Gateway Plaza rendering

Huntington Station once had a thriving downtown, which was torn down in 1960s during urban renewal. It has a diverse population, 5000+ daily commuters that utilize the LIRR Station there, and close proximity to Huntington Village – a successful, thriving downtown.

Riverside is a hamlet in the Town of Southampton, Long Island nestled at the Peconic River just before it enters the Bay at the axis of the North and South Forks of Long Island’s East End. It provides potential gateway opportunities to the Hamptons on the South Fork, and to Wine Country and potential agro-tourism of the North Fork.

As the eastern gateway to Nashua’s downtown, this mixed-use development will provide a range of housing options for the local workforce, which includes significant players in the high-tech industries, including BAE Systems, located down the road from Renaissance’s site.