Impact Real Estate Development

We use integrative solutions, groundbreaking ideas and community engagement
to create thriving & successful communities.

Renaissance Downtowns is a real estate company focused on addressing the unmet demand for mixed-use walkable development with a commitment to social, economic, and environmental sustainability.



  • Local Job Creation and Training

  • Entrepreneurship Development

  • New Revenue for Municipalities

  • Increased Property Values for Residents

  • More Opportunity for Impact Investment

  • Prioritized Local Economic Development

  • Added Sales for Local Businesses


  • Inclusive Community Participation

  • Health and Wellness Design

  • Education Initiatives and Programming

  • Affordable and Mixed-Income Housing

  • Walkable and Vibrant Streets

  • Safe and Activated Public Spaces

  • Social Services Support


  • Green Spaces and Ecosystems

  • Transit-Oriented Development

  • Environmental Design and Construction

  • Recycling and Waste Management

  • Water and Energy Conservation

  • Compact Development / Efficient Design

  • Energy Production and Distribution

Renaissance Downtowns Hempstead


One of the hallmarks of the Renaissance development approach is its unique philosophy that enables the organic co-creation of a shared development vision resulting from a partnership between Renaissance and its municipal partner with input from key stakeholders and the community at large.


Community Ideas Rendered
0+ Million
Sq. Ft. of Development Entitled
0+ Billion
Real Estate Value


Over the past decade, we have been designated as Master Developer for five municipalities throughout the northeast,representing over 20+ million square feet of development rights and over $10 billion dollars in real estate value. These projects are expected to create thousands of construction and permanent jobs and stimulate millions in tax revenue for local governments.