What We Do

Renaissance Downtowns pioneers an innovative form of public-private partnership that strategically engages with local governments, community members and business leaders to reposition and revitalize neighborhoods with unmet demand for mixed-use, walkable developments, which include:

• Multi family residential
• Hospitality and hotel
• Retail and office space
• Educational space

As industry experts, Renaissance connects with communities by using Crowdsourced Placemaking (CSPM), a unique crowdsourcing technique that create meaningful and impactful social, environmental and economic solutions through the use of authentic and comprehensive development and design principles.

Our mission is accomplished through land entitlements which include the following activities:

  • Public Private Partnerships
  • Crowdsourced Placemaking
  • Environmental Review
  • Zoning Creation
  • Architectural & Planning

Our Approach

Our Core Revitalization Strategies

Transit Friendly

Enhance transit connectivity between commuter rail, buses and compact, walkable neighborhood centers for environmental sustainable and more resilient communities.

Quality & Sustainable Design

Set clear guidelines that establish high, viable standards for civic spaces, green design, buildings and storefronts that create cohesive neighborhoods.

Mixed-Use Buildings

Incentivize a mix of all uses of buildings that are functionally integrated within neighborhood centers to promote a thriving economy.

Parking Strategies

Utilize shared parking and skillful parking management strategies to simultaneously provide necessary parking and maximize efficiency.

Active Frontages

Create commercial streets lined with storefronts and frequently spaced doors and windows to promote vibrancy, pedestrian activity, commerce and a safe, walkable environment.


Incorporate appropriate Transect techniques to address levels of intensity and massing of commercial and residential development in a neighborhood.

Complete Streets & Connected Networks

Establish street design standards that embrace the needs of pedestrians, vehicles, safety, emergency services and the environment, to achieve healthy communities & reduce traffic congestion.

Promoted Centers, Anchors & Civic Spaces

Establish neighborhood mixed-use centers & civic spaces based around anchor uses within a 5 minute walk from each other, promoting economic vitality, community engagement & walkability.