What We Do

Renaissance Downtowns pioneers an innovative form of public-private partnership that strategically engages with local governments, community members and business leaders to reposition and revitalize neighborhoods with unmet demand for mixed-use, walkable developments, which include:

• Multi family residential
• Hospitality and hotel
• Retail and office space
• Educational space

As industry experts, Renaissance connects with communities by using Crowdsourced Placemaking (CSPM), a unique crowdsourcing technique that create meaningful and impactful social, environmental and economic solutions through the use of authentic and comprehensive development and design principles.

Our mission is accomplished through land entitlements which include the following activities:

  • Public Private Partnerships
  • Crowdsourced Placemaking
  • Environmental Review
  • Zoning Creation
  • Architectural & Planning

Our Approach

In order to successfully implement mixed-use transit oriented development (TOD) with a distinctive contextual fit, it is essential to take into account the entire area. A TOD must be a woven neighborhood fabric of distinct districts, each with a unique character that together work in harmony to create a true sense of place while fostering economic development. The UDA creates a framework that engages all key stakeholders, including private property owners, in a very inclusive process to help streamline the approval and implementation procedures.

Proactive and inclusive public outreach and engagement enable city leaders to gauge the public reaction throughout the course of revitalization. This is accomplished by emphasizing “Process before Plan,” enabling the community to have an opportunity to feel pride of authorship in the future of their downtown. CSPM, the proprietary grassroots, social networking program run by the CSPM Group, results in a better understanding of the local market, while simultaneously creating support for redevelopment efforts by garnering ideas and insights from local residents, businesses and community stakeholders. CSPM includes the creation of a dedicated website and a local office to be operated throughout the entire implementation process.

Once a comprehensive vision is articulated with full support from the municipality, community stakeholders and master developer that vision must be properly reflected in entitlements and zoning. Renaissance is exceptionally well-versed in Form-Based Zoning, allowing planning, permitting, implementation and construction to be a seamless.

Impact Analysis allows Renaissance Downtowns to measure the growing positive impacts of its commitment to economic, social and environmental initiatives in each neighborhood. It provides an overview of  information, data and examples of the impact performance of our projects over a set amount of time. This information allows for each community to see its growth over time and also to garner additional investment potential.

Our Core Revitalization Strategies

Transit Friendly

Enhance transit connectivity between commuter rail, buses and compact, walkable neighborhood centers for environmental sustainable and more resilient communities.

Quality & Sustainable Design

Set clear guidelines that establish high, viable standards for civic spaces, green design, buildings and storefronts that create cohesive neighborhoods.

Mixed-Use Buildings

Incentivize a mix of all uses of buildings that are functionally integrated within neighborhood centers to promote a thriving economy.

Parking Strategies

Utilize shared parking and skillful parking management strategies to simultaneously provide necessary parking and maximize efficiency.

Active Frontages

Create commercial streets lined with storefronts and frequently spaced doors and windows to promote vibrancy, pedestrian activity, commerce and a safe, walkable environment.


Incorporate appropriate Transect techniques to address levels of intensity and massing of commercial and residential development in a neighborhood.

Complete Streets & Connected Networks

Establish street design standards that embrace the needs of pedestrians, vehicles, safety, emergency services and the environment, to achieve healthy communities & reduce traffic congestion.

Promoted Centers, Anchors & Civic Spaces

Establish neighborhood mixed-use centers & civic spaces based around anchor uses within a 5 minute walk from each other, promoting economic vitality, community engagement & walkability.