Renaissance Downtowns, Riverside Rediscovered, the municipality, and community have achieved various milestones. The Public-Private Partnership has allowed us to maximize our social impact in the following areas:

  • Our collaborative efforts have enabled us to leverage approximately $400,000 for a new building at Ludlum Park that will host the Children’s Museum of the East End (CMEE). The CMEE western campus in Riverside will be a major anchor for economic activity and tourism while having a positive impact on the human capital of the community.
  • Riverside Rediscovered has partnered with Southampton Town Leadership and Flanders, Riverside, Northampton Civic Association to address the lack of quality and safe park space in the area.  The community has identified two priority parks for revitalization. One will provide waterfront access, walking trails and space to enjoy the tranquility of nature.   The second, Ludlum Park will be revamped and programmed with activities that the whole community can enjoy.
  • Riverside Rediscovered has also partnered with the Services for the Advancement of Women (SEPA MUJER) to provide a space for Latina’s to increase their leadership capacity to have an impact in their local community.  The partnership has created a unique space for women to address housing, education and human rights abuse. 
  • Renaissance Downtowns has provided the infrastructural and human resource to help initiate the Peconic River Community Development Alliance (PRCDA), who is core mission, is to address the social inequity along the Peconic River in Riverside and Riverhead.  Our combined efforts have resulted in the establishment of a Chapter of the Council of Thought in Action (COTA).
  • Riverside Rediscovered launched a community campaign to identify policy issues significant to the community.  The community highlighted the importance of a Zip Code. The community’s effort have led Congressman Zeldin to champion a new bill for the establishment of a Zip Code for the Riverside, Flanders and Northampton area.   
  • The Shared Divided is documentary film company that has partnered with Riverside Rediscovered to document the rich oral history of the Riverside community.  The 40 short interviews and research has led to the creation of an online archive of the community. 

Renaissance continues its planning and outreach efforts on the East End with hope for on-going success and collaboration as we work towards the overall revitalization of the hamlet. Stay apprised of what’s happening in Riverside by following or give Siris Barrios, Riverside’s Community Liaison, a call at 631-591-3926.