The benefits of the redevelopment of Hempstead Village include

  1. 12,000 construction job years
  2. 3300 direct permanent jobs
  3. 5000+ permanent jobs including Indirect and Induced Jobs
  4. $10,000,000 annually to the Village in tax revenue
  5. $25,000,000 annually to the school district in tax revenue
  6. Multiple properties back on the tax roles
  7. A safe and secure environment in and around the downtown
  8. Mixed-income residential options that suit the needs of existing Hempstead residents
  9. Upgrades to the sewer and water systems including $5,000,000 that has already been awarded by New York State for sewer upgrades

Did you know that...?

  • Renaissance Downtowns-UrbanAmerica (RDUA) signed a Community Benefits Agreement with the Village before construction begins?
  • The CBA will ensure that local residents will get their fair share of both construction and permanent jobs.
  • RDUA sponsors a website,, that allows Village residents to provide input into what should be built in the downtown.
  • There will be no displacement of individuals from their homes nor businesses due to the redevelopment.
  • 5 million dollars has already been awarded to the Village for sewer upgrades due to the redevelopment efforts

The Renew Hempstead Story

The redevelopment area (to the left) encompasses what has traditionally been Hempstead’s “Central Business District.” Once an economic and cultural hub for the entire region, this area today has over 33% of its property off the tax rolls. There is very little residential activity within the redevelopment boundaries which leads to a lack of an active street life and cohesive retail fabric. By taking a holistic and comprehensive approach to redevelopment that includes the participation of the community, this area will be restored to its rightful place as an economic and social powerhouse that will be the pride not only of Hempstead, but all of Long Island.

The final redevelopment plan will be a result of RDUA’s partnership with the Village coupled with the involvement of the community. The resulting plans will allow property to adjust to changes in the market while adhering to the principles and guidelines that will be created through the developer’s partnership with the Village.

Keep informed by visiting, or give Latoya, our Hempstead Community Liaison, as call at 516-307-8310.