uda_partnersRenaissance Downtowns is a nationally-renowned and exclusive leader in large-scale unified community-driven downtown revitalization.

Our success in securing $12 billion in downtown development agreements among several communities is centered on our Unified Development Approach (UDA). The UDA is a collaborative, public-private partnership-driven framework that brings together disparate groups of a community to collectively transform their downtown into a vibrant destination, adhering to the triple bottom line of being economically, socially and environmentally beneficial.

At the core is a public-private partnership between the master developer, Renaissance Downtowns, and the local municipality. Surrounding that, a collaborative community of partners becomes an integral part of that core:

  • Community of residents and workers passionate about the triple bottom line;
  • Entrepreneurs starting either local or global businesses;
  • Private property owners finally able to benefit from their under-appreciated assets;
  • Local developers willing to work with private property owners or Renaissance;
  • Transit agency with shared interest in establishing a transit-oriented downtown as a regional economic hub.

The means by which these partners are committed to such collective impact is through an innovative crowdsourced placemaking program, pioneered by CSPM Group. Crowdsourced placemaking is a process through which partners, stakeholders and advocates positively campaign for what they would most like to see realized in their revitalized downtown, often working collectively to garner the most impact, while adhering to the triple bottom line.

A strong and effective partnership resulting in collective impact doesn't happen without core principles, and the Renaissance UDA manifests these through tangible, accountable components known as the Unified Development Approach Tools:

  • Triple-Bottom-Line Statement: A written statement committing all participants to the triple bottom line of being economically, socially and environmentally beneficial, responsible and sustainable.
  • Crowdsourced Placemaking System: An all-encompassing process that allows stakeholders and the community to collectively shape their own future downtown.
  • Community Benefits Agreement: A binding agreement between a municipality, community stakeholders, and developer that mandates local job creation.
  • Form-Based Code: City development regulations that foster predictable built results and a high-quality public realm by using physical form rather than separation of uses.
  • Local Economy Initiative: An ongoing program to support and prioritize entrepreneurs and local businesses.
  • Patient Capital Commitment: Partnering with investors willing to forgo quick profits in anticipation of more substantial returns down the road.