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Ryan Porter, President & Co-CEO

Ryan Porter brings more than 16 years of combined experience in the financial services and real estate industries to his role at Renaissance. Ryan began his career in 2001 as a derivatives trader on the American Stock Exchange for Susquehanna International Group. In 2004, Ryan took a position and partial ownership opportunity at VIG Capital, a start-up hedge fund consulting firm. Subsequently, in 2005, Ryan was offered the opportunity to return to the Susquehanna umbrella as an Institutional Sales Trader with a focus on Real Estate Investment Trust analysis. In 2006, Ryan started GreenCliff Property Management, LLC where he began acquiring properties in Pennsylvania and New York. Renaissance Downtowns took notice of Mr. Porter’s successes in both business and real estate, bringing him onto the team in 2007. Mr. Porter now leads Renaissance’s project and design work, working hand in hand with the Company’s partner municipalities. Mr. Porter oversees several Renaissance development teams which have over $10 Billion in mixed-use development opportunities under management. He is responsible for coordinating all necessary tasks and ensuring the project remains on track, ultimately implementing a shared downtown revitalization vision.

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