Below are the development steps for the projects we've been involved in:

1. Municipality issues RFQ
The municipality issues an RFQ (Request for Qualifications), serving as the foundation for a process before plan approach. It is an important distinction that this is not an RFP (Request for Proposals), which requires a formal plan without an integral opportunity for community engagement.

2. Renaissance Downtowns responds to RFQ
Renaissance's response to the RFQ enables the municipality to evaluate Renaissance’s qualifications and experience for the municipality's comprehensive redevelopment vision.

3. Municipality selects Master Developer (MD)
After reviewing all RFQ responses, the municipality normally interviews a short list of respondents, makes a final decision and negotiates a master developer agreement with the selected master developer.

4. Crowdsourced Placemaking (CSPM)
If selected, Renaissance immediately implements the patent-pending CSPM process, which utilizes social networking and in-person meetups, to involve community stakeholders and members in the co-creation of a revitalization vision which adheres to the triple-bottom-line of social, environmental, and economic responsibility.

5. Co-creation of concept plan
Utilizing our Unified Development Approach (UDA), Renaissance co-creates a mixed-use, downtown redevelopment concept plan in collaboration with the municipality, community stakeholders, private property owners and transit agencies.

6. Feasibility Studies
As ideas for development concepts gain community support, feasibility studies are performed by Renaissance and our consultants to determine their economic, social and environmental viability and their adherence to Triple Bottom Line principles.

7. Environmental review and entitlements
Through the efforts of our UDA, a holistic and comprehensive concept plan is created, setting the stage for the requisite environmental studies and entitlement parameters to occur.

8. Development commencement
Actual construction is now ready to occur for multiple development nodes within the overall downtown redevelopment area, predicated on the appropriate mix of uses.