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Ela Dokonal AICP CUD, LEED AP, Director of Planning

Ela Dokonal is Renaissance’s lead planner, a visionary urban designer and LEED design professional with international experience in architectural design. As an expert in Form Based Codes and Design Guidelines, applications of Smart Growth and New Urbanist principles, Ela has worked in over 20 regional communities during the past decade. Ela’s work has an emphasis on compact, appropriately dense, human scale, pedestrian oriented mixed-use development with a range of mixed-income and inter-generational housing types linked by mass transit. She is an advocate for light imprint methodologies that offer a range of tools and environmental strategies for different landscapes and conditions, adjusted according to the appropriateness of their use in each transect zone and used collectively at the sector, neighborhood and block scale. Ela brought this expertise to several international urban design and planning research projects, including Huludao, China (Eco-city that serves as a model of urbanization for North-Eastern China), and Dunkirk, France. Ela holds a Master’s degree in Architecture and Urban Planning, served as a Director of Long Island Section of the APA and an executive board member for the APA NY Metro Chapter, and has professional affiliations with AIA, INTBAU and Form Based Code Institute. Ela also served on the Economic Development Committee for the Village of Northport.

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