phil-outdoor-dining-nightRenaissance (n) rebirth

By its definition, our name is fitting of what we do: help co-create and implement visions for community downtowns to be reborn. For the last eight years, Renaissance Downtowns has been focusing creating walkable live-play-work urban nodes within suburban downtowns in need of revitalization. Planning and placemaking trends have demonstrated to the market, and us, that people have strong desires for such places. But how does a real estate developer get into the business of knowing what a community wants for its place? The answer is a crowdsourced placemaking program, known as the CSPM System, created and managed by CSPM Group, and a Master Developer Agreement (MDA).

The CSPM System is a process through which all stakeholders in a community suggest, upvote, and continuously gives input as to what they would like to see in their own revitalized downtown, and must adhere to the triple bottom line of social, economic and environmental responsibility. Additionally, an MDA is a public-private partnership between a developer and a municipality, where a developer has purchase and development rights to underutilized municipal lands. Renaissance Downtowns is currently implementing the CSPM System and an MDA in four communities throughout the Northeast: Nashua, NH, Bristol, CT, Hempstead, NY and Huntington Station, NY. In these communities we have already made great strides in revitalizing communities, and much more is coming down the road!

Just like places need revitalization, our website and digital also needed a Renaissance. We are excited to be starting a new year with a new digital strategy! We’re live and active on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Additionally, we have redesigned our website and our logo to better communicate who we are, what we do, and to be more easily accessible to multiple audiences. We will be blogging regularly about development and placemaking news, conferences, the communities we are involved in, and many more pertinent aspects of all that we do.