If You’re Not Rich You Probably Can’t Afford to Live in San Francisco or New York City

Vice Impact, February 27th, 2018 | “We come to communities that are economically depressed and have vulnerable populations,” Siris Barrios, Community Liaison for Renaissance Downtowns, which focuses on impact real estate development, told VICE Impact. “We look at the needs of the community and make them part of the process.”

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Driving Forces of Long Island Development

Long Island Post, February 26th, 2018 | The unincorporated hamlet of Riverside, nestled between the towns of Riverhead and Southampton, doesn’t easily relate to the glitzy veneer of the Hamptons. Over the years, the hamlet has seen its share of hard times but Plainview-based Renaissance Downtowns believes the area is a diamond in the rough.

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Distinctions in taxonomy of sustainable, impact and ESG Investing

Private Equity International, February 2018 | What does it mean to invest with purpose? Doing good takes all shapes and forms but ESG integration is critical, says Craig Cogut, founder and chairman of Pegasus Capital Advisers. He highlights Renaissance Downtown's focus on sustainable industries with positive environmental and social impacts.

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