As Renaissance waits for the snow to melt and usher in the warmth of Spring, we’ve still been fastidiously working on our internal operations while Siris and Sean have been stepping out into the limelight.  Huntington Station also made some headway with construction starting on our Northridge site along with some other news.

Siris Barrios, our community liaison with our Riverside Rediscovered project, helped spearhead the project SEPA Mujer, which is a leadership academy to empower local Latina women for civic engagement.

The training, called the Civic Leadership Academy, the third of its kind on Long Island, is the result of a partnership between Riverside Rediscovered and Services for the Advancement of Women (SEPA Mujer.) The program looks to foster civic engagement in the Latino community by providing a safe space for women to learn about how their community works and how to become more active members in it.

Fifteen women, including Ms. Zuniga-Tellez, were honored this past January at Southampton Town Hall for graduating from the 25-hour training program, during which they learned about the history of government, the electoral college and local government as well as how to organize meetings and navigate educational opportunities.

“We feel more confident about ourselves and we feel we can become more involved in our communities,” Ms. Zuniga-Tellez said of the program during the ceremony. “We’re not enemies — we’re friends. We are allies.”

“We’re really proud of being a partner with SEPA,” Ms. Barrios said. “We feel that they’re in alignment with the type of leadership we want to see in the community.”

In mid-March, Sean McLean, our Vice President of Planning and Development, popped up in The Real Deal, which is a New York Real Estate News Publication. Sean and other Developers from the Long Island / Metropolitan area spoke with the news outlet on their ideas about the future of housing on Long Island is unfolding in the years ahead.

Sean discussed a number of multifamily projects underway on suburban Long Island and which ones will head the most impact and which ones to pay close attention to. In that vein, he spoke about our Riverside project but also pointed to other LI developments such as The Heartland, Mineola and the Greybarn in Amityville as opportunities to keep an eye on.

Sean also highlighted some of Long Islands bigger issues including infrastructure, parking, water and sewer needs and how to address those sensitive subjects. Could it be by increasing dialogue about the municipal benefits of these upgrades and not their detriments?  Sean really stood out in the article and gave a very thorough projection about what he’s sees happening down the road and to read more, click this link to see what else he has to say about where the Island is heading.

Lastly, in Huntington Station, Source the Station continues to be successful with its micro-grant system. Con Artist, a local resident and artist was featured on VerizonFios' PushPause for her public art efforts. Conversational Spanish classes will kick off in the April in partnership with the Huntington Opportunity Resource Center, an Oral Histories video project will be revealed soon, and events with youth in the community are never ending from movie outings, to bike giveaway & safety events to Operation Cinderella/fella aimed at helping teens who can't afford to attend prom and/or buy graduation outfits.

Renaissance Downtowns development efforts as Master Developer for Huntington Station are finally starting! Our partnership with Blue & Gold Homes for the Northridge project is in full swing as we have seen the beginning of site work and construction. Northridge will include ~6200 SF of commercial space and 16 one-bedroom apartments (contact Signature Premier Properties for leasing). The Gateway Plaza project also continues to move forward. Renaissance is excited to have kicked off the revitalization of Huntington Station and to continue working with the Huntington Station community on this project!

As always, stay tuned to what going on with our projects by contacting us, logging onto our Facebook Page and also keeping up with our Liaisons. We are looking forward to a productive Spring and hopefully some more exciting updates come Summer.